xcom small 25 Cent Play Podcast – 10/10/12

25 Cent Play is back in action! Not that we ever when anywhere! Anyway, where was I? This week we’re going to take the wraps of a few winter warmers and sit down to talk about some games. This week Matt’s going to start us off with his quick impressions of Dishonored, a new IP which seems to be doing very well for itself. We’ll take a detour into the mess that is Resident Evil 6 before turning to the most important release of the week, as far as Steve is concerned, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. After we round the bases and head for home we’ll flash back to Skyrim and Saints Row the 3rd. But, that’s not all act now and you can hear the second part of the show in which Charlie foresees doom for console manufactures and we all see the downfall of eSports. OK, not really, but we talk about the League of Legends World Playoffs.

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