It’s time!

No not for a new podcast episode, but for the relaunch of! So get your butt over there and read my new post. Then check back from time to time as things get rolling again!

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Upcoming Stuff

Hey all, just wanted to let you know whats up. We’ve been a bit quiet lately mostly thanks to Steve trying to prep for the new addition to his family. We’ll just need to build a giant podcast studio in some other part of his house. In the mean time we’ll likely be moving the show down to Matt’s house. Wonder if he every tracked down streaming software for Linux. So, lets see what do we have coming up… Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition, more on State of Decay, Steve still loves the SteelSeries keyboard, its coming down to the wire but we should have an XCOM Enemy Within review for you as well. That about covers it for now. We’ll be recording tomorrow night around 6 PM PST so stop on by the live page or over on Twitch!

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Check out the new site!

If you’ve stopped by before you’ll notice something is a bit different. That’s right we’ve finally taken some time to sit down and rebuild the WordPress theme! There will probably be a few growing pains as we tweak little things here and there, mostly layout so it should not interfere with site operation at all. If you notice anything is not working drop a note on this post or over @25centplay.

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Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone gets all the games they asked for!

Passage of Time

One year and, seven days I believe, that’s the length of time it took to record the first episode. Well, it’s almost in the bag, and hopefully it’ll actually be worth posting, sounded good while it was recording anyway…

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