Podcast Live Stream 04/23

Welcome back everyone! We’ll be live streaming this evening April. 23rd around 6PM PST over on twitch.tv/25centplay so come on by. On tonight’s show? I’m not really sure probably some League of Legends talk, Bioshock: Infinite (if Charlie has finished it), and someone is sure to be disgusted by EA. Anyway stop on by or grab the podcast and a couple of ‘latecasts’ on Thursday!

25 Cent Play Through – A Game of Thrones: Genesis

Just wanted to let everyone know we’re doing a couple of game play videos for the A Game of Thrones: Genesis game by Cyanide. Focus Home Interactive was nice enough to give us a couple of keys to help get the word of the release out. We’ll be chatting about the game on the next podcast but if your interested to see some game play we’ve embedded the first 2-ish hours of play below. We’ll probably be playing some more tonight so head over to www.twitch.tv/25centplay and give us a follow to know when we’re live. *Note: jump forward to the 3:30ish mark to get right to the game.

Watch live video from 25 Cent Play on Justin.tv

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